Supply Chain Management

We work with our customers to manage every aspect of procurement and planning. This creates maximum efficiency, cost savings and minimizes time to market.

A main tool is our “Customer Supplier Operations Planning,” or CSOP, program.  In this program, we work collaboratively with our customers in scheduled meetings to exchange data, address issues and create continuous improvement.

We are able to reduce inventory, vendor lead times, order to delivery cycle time, labor and overhead costs, materials cost, and product development costs with effective supply chain management.

STRATEGIC SOURCING:  Many of our customers are focused on marketing.  We are focused on manufacturing.  We use our extensive sourcing networks to create supply plans for our customers, and our buying power allows us to pass on cost savings to our customers.

DEMAND PLANNING: Our ERP system’s capabilities, combined with data gathered and forecasted by the CSOP process, allows precise demand planning to minimize costs and ensure that our customers receive products when they need them.

ELECTRONIC PROCUREMENT:  Our ERP system’s EDI capabilities allow efficient communication among suppliers, Mansfield-King and customers.