Mansfield-King is highly successful in skin care innovation and manufacturing. We have particular expertise in high-active, high-end skin care, of the type used in the most prestigious salons and treatment programs around the world.  We work extensively with high-active products using ingredients with clinically proven efficacy, including a wide variety of anti-aging actives.  Furthermore, we have had great success preserving high-active products without the use of traditional chemical preservatives, yet making the products fully able to meet laboratory microibological challenge testing.

Mansfield-King also develops and produces a wide variety of traditional skin care products, such as hand and body lotions, body butters and foot creams, eye creams, facial serums, and many different kinds of moisturizers.  Finally, we have particular expertise in shave products, including such difficult products as true soap shaving creams, as well as shave balms, aftershaves, and face/beard washes.