Mansfield-King’s blending is designed to achieve speed with cGMP-compliant quality. Our engineering staff has developed both complex and simple blending setups to meet our customers’ needs with a mindset of cost effectiveness, speed, flexibility and practicality.

We offer the ability to blend in excess of 250,000 pounds of product per day.


pounds of product per day


MK’s processes is cGMP compliant, governed at every step by SOP manuals and cGMP guidelines.  Our Quality Management System is compliant with international standards and ensures continuous improvement.


In order to ensure consistent quality, water used for production is purified to USP standards.  We use a top-of-the line reverse osmosis system with stainless loops, along with ultraviolet sterilization, which is capable of producing more than 400,000 pounds of purified water per day.


We use jacketed, dual-agitation stainless steel mixing and holding vessels, as well as pumps, filters and other specialized equipment. Each mixing vessel is equipped with equipment chosen by our engineers for each personal care product. Our equipment lineup is extensive; we also have the resources to purchase and install specialized new equipment to meet virtually any customer requirement.


MK’s liquid blending includes all types of personal care products, including hair care, skin care and body care. Our solid manufacturing includes granular products such as salts, as well as hot-fills such as ointments.


We place heavy emphasis on quality control at all stages of the blending process. Chemical raw materials are approved for release by the Quality Control Unit prior to their transfer to the manufacturing area. Each product batch is inspected at least three times – in the mix tank, in the hold vessel and during packaging. Documentation is kept that ensures conformity to the customer’s specifications.


Our computer system, together with dedicated staffers, provides each customer with continuous review and reporting of progress on each project. Our system permits highly detailed product tracking at all steps of the manufacturing process.


Mansfield-King places heavy emphasis on customer confidentiality. All technical, marketing, and business matters are handled with the utmost concern that customers’ proprietary information never be disclosed. We do not compete with our customers by marketing our own brands or offering private label products.