Mansfield-King’s distribution and EDI services, combined with 200,000 square feet of warehousing space, help our customers focus on marketing, not on moving boxes around.

Indianapolis is the ideal North American location from which to distribute products.  Most of the country is within a two-day LTL or truckload delivery window, minimizing your shipping costs and maximizing speed to your customers.  In addition, warehousing in Indianapolis is a very large, sophisticated industry, and far more cost-effective that warehousing on the coasts.


sq. ft. of warehouse space


We are located at the geographic center of the United States. Four interstate highways with seven spokes converge on our facility. 60% of the country is two or fewer shipping days from our facility. As a result, our customer save both time and money.


In cooperation with local partners chosen by us or by our customers, we help manage the entire distribution process, by processing orders through EDI or otherwise, assembling, shipping, and accounting for inventory.


MK provides a full range kit assembly services for any standard or customized project. With our kitting-focused partners, we help customers manage the peaks and valleys of your business through the use of our flexible workforce of full time and temporary staffing.


Our extensive shipping experience, ranging from small package shipments to international sea container shipments, allows customers to rely on us to ensure products reach customers on time and undamaged.