How to Get a Contract Manufacturer to Call You Back? Take Yourself Seriously.

How to Get a Contract Manufacturer to Call You Back? Take Yourself Seriously.

How to Get a Contract Manufacturer to Call You Back? Take Yourself Seriously.

You are the energy you bring. Take yourself – and your new brand – seriously.

As we progress further into the personal care brand development process, part 3 of our 4 part series is about outreach and starting your journey. After you’ve done your market research, prepared a plan and understand who is best suited to launch your personal care brand – below are some ways to make sure your inquiry is at the top of your manufacturer’s call and email list.

  • Before You Make That Call, or Click Send!


    Refrain from using a personal email address. Cr8zyGrl or BeerMan @ gives us an idea of who are personally – but doesn’t reflect your new brand or new business. Spend some time on yourself and set-up an appropriate work specific email address and people will positively respond to your professionalism.


    Every email/phone message has a cadence, does yours strike the right tone? You are the energy you bring. If your voicemails and emails follow a format of “greeting – your name – your business name – inquiry/request – contact info, closer” this sends a message of preparedness and polish, while giving us clear instructions about your call–the purpose and the required action.


    Google it. If you’re not familiar with contract manufacturing, personal care, or what Mansfield-King does, reach out to industry groups like the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, ICMAD, Perry Romanowski or the Sister Scientist. They are respected professionals and organizations that can help educate you on the personal care market. This will ensure a more solution-focused discussion with your potential manufacturing partner.

  • During the Call, Be Prepared For:


    Be honest and detailed. We love working with prepared and curious people. The more honest you are with us, the better chance we have of meeting your needs quickly, or making suggestions for a partner within the PLZ Aeroscience Personal Care family that would be a better fit for your goals.


    Knowing your budget. Begin with the end in mind. Start your personal care project thinking about how much you can honestly budget. At some point, you will need place an order to carry inventory and this monetary commitment is a reality that requires specific attention. If you have a small budget to test the market, consider private label instead of custom manufacturing. (Read our other posts to see more about these different options and preliminary steps to launching a personal care brand.)

This first step to bring your brand to life can be an exhilarating and important moment. By taking yourself seriously and presenting yourself – and your new brand – in the most professional way possible, will all but ensure favorable responses from any potential partner – agency, packaging supplier, printer or manufacturer.

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