Ignoring These Simple 4 Questions May Impact Your Supply Chain Recovery

Ignoring These Simple 4 Questions May Impact Your Supply Chain Recovery

Planning for the Future: Ignoring These Simple 4 Questions May Impact Your Supply Chain Recovery.

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Businesses today are facing more complex, changing conditions that will require resilience and preparation against further crisis. Our next series of 4 articles entitled “Planning for the Future” will help established personal care brands consider their path forward and minimize disruption.

Managing your supply chain is an essential function for any successful brand, and the last 18 months have certainly tested the most established systems. From COVID to the Texas Deep Freeze supply on all CPG – from materials to components – is as tight as it’s ever been. But, having the right CM partner who focuses on resources, quality, and communication –  your brand can successfully navigate difficult supply conditions and continue growing when your competitors fall flat.

The most important part of a supply chain review is to ask yourself four simple questions:

  • Where am I the most vulnerable?
  • What do I control?
  • Where am I single-sourced?
  • Where am I lacking visibility in my supply chain?

With a committed manufacturing partner, each of these questions create opportunities to rethink supply chain, inventory strategy, and overall preparedness. It also reveals resources and partnerships that can directly benefit production. As Tom Lehman, the President of Mansfield-King explains.

“We had a recent launch that was impacted by the client’s components stuck at port, a common issue now. With tight communication between the vendor, client, and freight forwarder we were able to prioritize the unload of our container and get the items in hand prior to launch. Without that team effort, we likely would have missed the date. Having a supply chain team that knows how to manage these processes and get teams working together made the magic happen.”

All of these variables can be managed with some mindful strategy and being prepared – as much as possible. No one company or brand can predict all the shocks that might impact a business, but choosing a CM with experience, insight and larger reaching partnerships will help you navigate supply chain issues –pandemic or otherwise.

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