• Custom Formulas

    It All Starts Here

    When it comes to Mansfield-King’s R&D, one thing you won’t find are baseline formulas or generic jumping off points. Here, formulas are generated for client needs—taking into consideration market, price, and everything in-between. Clients are active participants at every single signpost along the way to a new product, so we always stay focused on the customer.

  • accelerated Testing

    the only way to travel

    A product is only as good as its weakest element. A product development team is only as good as its weakest tests. We know that to reach perfection, we need accelerated shelf life testing, stability testing , freeze-thaw testing, and third-party partners doing additional, in-depth testing, as required by law and industry needs.. Our testing doesn’t just meet a standard, it erases the line all together and lets our clients decide what excellence means to them.

  • substantive innovation

    mother of invention

    We understand the nuances and granular requirements of the personal care market, as well as the need for tight supply chain relationships. MK is an alpha-consumer, an early-adopter of unique ingredients due to our own relationships with innovators at every level of the industry. This means Mansfield-King is uniquely positioned to supply and utilize the latest ingredients and tools to bring innovative solutions to clients at a faster clip.