Mansfield-King is a market leader in the manufacturing and development of men’s styling products. We develop and manufacture hair and body products for premium brands. Products include hot fill men’s styling products, such as pomades, ringing gels, edge control products, fibers and clays. Our products also include shaving creams, hair and beard oils, and hair care products specifically designed to fit the needs of men’s product lines.

Hot fills in particular can be difficult and are frequently done poorly. At MK, we have invested in custom-designed equipment for hot fills, avoiding the problems that plague other manufacturers. We offer end-to-end temperature control, including a specialty multi-head enclosed filler with digital temperature control, as well as controlled cooling of all products in serpentine cooling tunnels. This equipment means that each product is precisely calibrated to be the same as previous runs of the same product, regardless of ambient conditions.

We also have extensive experience in developing and bringing hot fill products to market. These include pomades (both traditional petrolatum-based and newer water-based formulations), ringing gels, edge control products, glazes, fiber styling creams, molding clays, defining pastes, texture puttys, forming creams, and grooming creams.