Mansfield-King is the country’s fastest-growing personal care manufacturer over the past sixteen years. Powering that growth is a commitment to innovation along with a not-very-original, but very well executed, philosophy of customer service.  Our approach to contract manufacturing is detailed here by our President and owner.  We are cGMP certified, carrying an ISO 22716 certification.

Our focus is entirely on our customers’ needs and the goals and objectives of their businesses. We partner with our customers. If you want the lowest price for a commodity product that will have a crooked label and go into dollar stores, we are not the company for you.  If you want the latest, best-performing products delivered flawlessly, we are the company for you.


To keep critical details of our customers’ unique products private, Mansfield-King enforces a rigorous confidentiality policy. Product and client lists are not revealed to prospective customers. Our business is prospering on referrals and word of mouth—a testament to the quality of our work.


We re-invest continuously to make this possible and to ensure that we always have excess capacity to meet unexpected customer needs. Our current 250,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space contains 18 filling lines and 31 jacketed tanks with a total daily blending capacity of more than 250,000 pounds. Our capacity increases by at least 20% every year.


Our goal is continuous improvement, not only in manufacturing processes, but also in keeping up with modern product development, marketing trends and end-user demands.


Our recent profile in the Beauty Industry Reporter, which you can access here, expands in further detail on our philosophy.