Mansfield-King is a dominant presence in innovation and manufacturing for professional, salon-centered hair care in the United States. Many of the most successful products found in salons were developed and are manufactured by us. We have particular expertise in styling products, color protection products, heat protection products, and blow-dry reduction products. We develop custom formulation solutions tailored to meet the needs of your consumers. This makes MK-developed formulas directly aligned to your brand message and performance goals.

Fundamental to our success designing hair cleansing and styling products is knowledge of hair down to the molecular level. Our scientists and chemists go to training around to world to stay ahead of trends and identify new research all to develop the best products in professional beauty.

In addition, our close relationships with leading chemical vendors provide us with first access to the latest ingredients, providing our customers with cutting edge formulas and a key advantage in the marketplace. Our extensive experience in the art of manufacturing professional hair care products allows us unparalleled consistency and quality, ensuring the end customer has the same experience each time they use your product.

In professional, salon hair care, as in the other areas in which we work, we never compete with our customers. We only provide brand support, helping to drive our customers sales’ to retail consumers.