Unlock Innovation to Grow Your Personal Care Brand

Unlock Innovation to Grow Your Personal Care Brand

Planning for the Future: Unlock Innovation to Grown Your Personal Care Brand

Daniel Dalton, our Product Development Manager & Lead Formulation Chemist shares his branding and development insights on the importance of choosing the right manufacturer and understanding why their capacity for innovation, matters for your brand growth.

When searching for a new contract manufacturer or auditing your current partner, ask yourself the following:

1) Is your current contract manufacturer current on new trends, technologies, and eager to utilize them for your benefit?

2) Are they excited to push boundaries to create new and novel formula types to propel your brand forward?

These questions are often overlooked when evaluating potential personal care contract manufacturers, especially when the brand has a clear idea of what they are looking for, but successful businesses are always strategic in outlook. But, innovation driven contract manufacturers will not only excel at developing products to address your brands needs but will also be able to challenge the brand with new concepts and ideas for growth and scalability.

How does this happen?

  • Supplier Relationships

    A key to offer new technologies is having strong relationships with material suppliers. An innovation led manufacturer will establish an expectation for the new and novel. They will attend trade shows, offsite seminars, and host suppliers on a regular basis to stay at the forefront. When these connections exist, raw material vendors will actively pursue the transfer of technology, in terms of material, as well as its various applications.

  • Understanding Capabilities

    A personal care contract manufacturer must have a thorough understanding of their capabilities to have successful innovation. This can be everything under their manufacturing umbrella – from product to regulations, filling lines and packaging specifications – all of these considerations must be accounted for. A competent contract manufacturer will not only provide new and creative solutions, but also know how best to make this new item a reality. Innovation can be a complex process and having a CM partner that will be transparent with their capabilities can help you avoid many headaches in the long term.

  • Pulse on Your Brand

    As leaders in innovation, it is important for your personal care manufacturer to work within your market. A critical aspect of successful innovation is being able to present creativity and technology in a way that is consistent with your brand. Does your manufacturing partner understand your brand voice, listen to you and understand your target consumer? Is the innovation adding value, or is it just “interesting”? When you find the right R&D team, they will be able to contribute their expertise in a way that pushes your brand forward in a meaningful and tailored manner.

Why does it matter?

Whether your brand is looking for a fun new texture or seeking an industry leading, patent-worthy product, innovation is at the forefront. When you have partners that can match your efforts on the development side, it can further differentiate your brand offerings as well as engage the consumer in new ways.



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