to keep your brand moving ahead.

The R&D portion of our work starts with our lab, which is fully staffed with extraordinary thinkers, and stocked with cutting-edge ingredients to keep your brand future-forward and ahead of trends within your market space. Staying compliant with modern regulatory needs requires constant innovation. We utilize industry leading software that handles rapid and accurate formula documents brands need for registration, in a few short days.



with mansfield-king means your brand is never in the dark.

We think of service as being whatever our clients need from us most. We truly formfit our work to your needs. Have a question? Give us a call. Need an order filled ASAP? Our team is waiting for you. From the first steps of product development, through R&D and formula design, and finally into manufacturing and filling finished products, Mansfield-King never stops thinking about your vision.



isn’t a rose by any other name.

You know the most respected personal care products got there for a reason. Today, their labels may be enough to make it to shelves and salon counters, but it took serious experience and knowhow to develop the quality consumers have come to expect. We have worked hard to make sure we meet and exceed every industry standard for operational procedures and environmental commitment that our clients need. We also are proud to have certifications in the following areas:

  • ISO certification
  • EPA green power partner
  • Ecovadis Silver CSR rating
  • FDA-registered facility
Mansfield-King is All Show and No Tell.

Mansfield-King is All Show and No Tell.

Our experience at Mansfield-King has gifted us so much insight into developing and manufacturing a huge variety of products. But, while we may be entrepreneurial in spirit, we’re all about understanding your perspective and needs, with laserlike precision that’s based on your specific brand.

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Give Your Brand a Place to Call Home

Mansfield-King’s commitment to quality can be seen throughout our onsite lab and manufacturing facilities, as well as in our processes and approach. In 2019, we executed a large expansion, growing our already large facilities to 300,000 square feet. This makes way for two shifts with 16 lines for production and filling. We have equipment for a variety of filling needs, including jars, bottles, tubes, hot pours, and high viscosity items. This wide variety of limitless possibilities is a representation of the innovation that Mansfield-King uses to accelerate your product and production.

  • 300,000
    sq. ft. facility
  • 16
    production & filling lines
limitless possibilities & innovation